Look of the Moment: Learn How to Create a Faux Bob

Faux Bobs
Photo: WireImage; Rex USA; Jason Merritt/Getty; Brian Henn

Yes, it could confuse your friends and family, but with a few pins, you can turn long hair into a short crop and then go back to long the next day. "It's an easy way to get a dramatically different style without committing to a chop," says Marcus Francis, who did Kerry Washington's look. Here's how to test-drive the trend in three easy steps.

STEP 1Create a deep side part, then divide hair into three sections.

STEP 2Bend each piece of hair under, securing the ends against your head by crisscrossing two Goody Colour Collection bobby pins ($4/50 at target.com). (Thick hair may require more.)

STEP 3Finish off the flattering style with a layer of hairspray.

Will you try out the shortened 'do? Let us know in the comments below! Plus, learn how to combat dirty strands with a braided hairstyle.

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