This Party Girl Mascara Will Last All Night (and All the Next Day)!

Eyeko Rock and Roll mascara
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The idea of makeup that transitions from day to night is a common one in the beauty world, but what about makeup that transitions from night to day? We've all been there—those hours spanning between 2 a.m. and sunrise when you're making your way home after going out with your girlfriends, with the telltale smudgy mascara totally giving you away. Well, now we've got the solution: If you're headed out tonight, make sure to pick up a tube of Eyeko's Rock Out & Lash Mascara to complete your sexy smoky eye. It literally doesn't budge, thanks to some pretty nifty innovation.

The blacker-than-black mascara incorporates a unique blend of polymers, waxes, and powders into a long-wearing gel base. We found it creates lengthy, defined lashes in one or two swipes; or you can achieve a dramatic almost-faux effect with a few more coats layered on. Once dry, the formula won't smear, run, or flake, but unlike traditional waterproof mascaras, you won't need to fight to remove the product—it practically dissolves on contact with warm water. Aside from being a nod to the brand's rocker-chic heritage, the guitar-shaped wand amps up the curling and volumizing abilities, and hugs the shape of your eye so you can cover those hard-to reach bases of every lash. Find the Eyeko Rock Out & Lash Out Mascara for $26 now at your local Nordstrom, or online at!

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