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TV personality Lo Bosworth attends John Frieda Hair Care Beach Blonde Collection Party at the Garage on February 5, 2015 in New York City.
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A decade has passed since Laguna Beach first premiered on MTV, but Lauren Bosworth—or “Lo” as the world has come to know her—could swear it was just yesterday. “It’s a very strange moment in time,” says Bosworth. “Ten years have passed since the show aired, but it feels very close still.” And certainly, while she still remembers the MTV crew arriving at her high school to audition students for the show in distinct detail, Bosworth has not wasted a single minute of her time. In just 10 years, she has co-founded party business Revelry House, published a book, received a culinary degree at the International Culinary Center, become editor-at-large of Health and Wellness on Racked, and launched lifestyle blog TheLoDown and accompanying YouTube channel Lo Bosworth.

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Credit: Michael Wiltbank

Creative and enterprising, Bosworth uses her blog and YouTube channel, both of which boast large followings, as platforms to explore her interests in business, beauty, fashion, and blogging simultaneously. “Technology is incredible, and I’m thankful that it’s allowed me to share my life through different mediums,” Bosworth explains. “I want to continue using different sites like Instagram, Wordpress, Facebook and Twitter to build a community.”

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Specifically, the social media maven wants to utilize different aspects of the digital world to emphasize authenticity as she grows her hold on the digital world. It’s a goal that she constantly strives towards and one that has been at the forefront of her plans since her West Coast move three years ago.

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Credit: Michael Wiltbank

It’s not all work for the blonde beauty guru, however. Bosworth has also placed an emphasis on making a home for herself in the city over the last several years, even though it’s not a task that has proved easy. In fact, Bosworth faced a challenge earlier this year as she set out to decorate her fifth apartment since leaving LA. She shared with us, “When I moved to Nolita in February, I got rid of all my old furniture—kind of like starting from scratch. Especially because my family isn’t here, having a space that I come home to and feel really comfortable in was really important.” In the end, creating this sense of comfort was a result of mixing sentimental keepsakes with accent pieces like a contemporary chandelier, fuzzy stools, and copper vases. This week, from the comfort of her purple couch, she speaks with domino about her inspiration, her dad’s advice, and her love of Matisse. Keep reading for more from Lo Bosworth.