By Andrea Cheng
Updated Jan 29, 2016 @ 5:45 pm
Bennett and Bionda - LEAD
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The forever-classic, quintessentially British fashion brand L.K. Bennett (aka the brand that supplies Kate Middleton's go-to shoes) just got the cool-girl treatment. In its first-ever collaboration with another designer (previous partners include celebrities, like one Rosamund Pike), L.K. Bennett has teamed up with celebrity-favorite and fellow British footwear brand Bionda Castana to launch a spring 2016 shoe collection that happily fuses design elements from both. The result? A 20-piece line-up of pretty lace-up sandals, scallop-trimmed pumps, and mesh-paneled stilettos, with each treated to sweet pastels or bold checked prints in navy and raspberry.

"It was very much a marriage of the two brands," says Jennifer Portman, one-half of the design duo behind Bionda Castana. "Each brand has its own key features—we're known for our graphic prints, lacing, scalloped designs, and mesh, and L.K. Bennett for its color and classic styles."

The meeting of the two was "very organic, very natural," the result of a serendipitous encounter between Robert Bensoussan, the CEO of L.K. Bennett, and designer Natalia Barbieri, the other half of Bionda Castana. And the collection reads as effortless as the design process. "You have no idea of the fights," Bensoussan jokes.

"We kept the L.K. Bennett woman in mind by looking through the archives, along with our own woman," Portman says. "This collection caters to everybody, with a range of heel heights, from high to flat."

The L.K. Bennett x Bionda Castana styles (priced between $475 and $595) feel right in line with our mood for spring, and—​the best part—​they'll be available starting Feb. 10 at In the meantime, scroll through for a glimpse of the designs.

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