Lizzo's Dress Featured a Butt Cleavage Cutout

Forget hot girl summer.

Lizzo, the harbinger of nature's cereal and queen of having an IDGAF attitude, offered up a new rule for summer. And since she's more about breaking rules than following them, fans can rest assured that she's not talking about wearing white after Labor Day or matching bags and shoes. Instead, she declared that this summer would be "ass crack summer." And although she claimed that she doesn't make the rules up, this is clearly one time that she is making them and that the entire world would be better if it just fell in line and got on board with the trend.

In a series of posts, she showed off a purple body-con dress with cutouts down the side and a very large one in the back, which explains what ass-crack summer is for anyone still wondering.

"ISSA ASS CRACK SUMMER," she wrote on one post, adding a peach emoji. "I DONT MAKE THE RULES."

Additional shots showed her embellishing the already statement-making dress with a belly chain emblazoned with her name.

And in a final set of photos, she showed off the cutout details on the side of the dress — and a clearer look at those bright orange heels.

And for any critics already prepping a response to this proclamation, know that Lizzo has already been there and done that. Back in 2019, when she showed her butt at a Lakers game, she went on CBS This Morning and explained that she doesn't really care what people say about how she dresses.

"I stay in my own positive bubble," she said. "It's their opinion, so I mean, it's not for me to really ingest. It's for them to express and for me to choose to listen or not."

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