Lizzo Bared Her Butt at a Lakers Game and the Internet Had *Thoughts*

Also, are butt cut-outs a thing now?

Lizzo, patron saint of feelin’ good as hell, practiced what she preaches (bein’ 100% that bitch) at a Los Angeles Lakers game on Sunday night.

Lizzo at Los Angeles Lakers Game
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Sitting courtside, the singer wore a black T-shirt dress, fishnet stockings and patent leather booties. From the front, Lizzo’s look is pretty standard (for someone known for her microscopic purses and bridal veils, at least). But, from behind, the outfit is not your typical basketball game fare — and by that I mean there’s a cut-out that exposes her butt, clad only in a black thong.

And you know Queen Lizzo didn’t stay seated throughout the game … Nah, she got up and twerked.

Naturally, the internet was torn in regard to the singer’s courtside performance. Some pegged negative reactions on racism and fatphobia, while others claimed it was simply inappropriate to show that amount of skin at a venue where children were present.

Opinions aside, Lizzo’s outfit begs a larger question … Are butt cut-outs the new naked trend?

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