Live From the State Department's "Diplomacy at Home for the Holidays" Event

Hillary Clinton at the State Department
Photo: Courtesy of the State Department

InStyle partnered with the State Department to decorate the Diplomatic Reception Rooms for the holidays, where this afternoon Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted her annual "Diplomacy at Home for the Holidays" event honoring the families of State Department employees who are stationed in foreign places without their loved ones. “For those who are serving far from home every day, but particularly during the holiday season, we know that this is a big sacrifice; we know how much you miss them, and we thank you because you’re also serving our country because of what they are doing,” Clinton told the attendees. For the rooms, InStyle brought on famed event planner David Stark to create the elegant holiday decorations, where Clinton—who wore a chic, red tailored blazer—invited all of the children in attendance to take a photo with her. “The biggest surprise is that there are real people here behind all the politics and diplomacy that happens in this building,” Stark told us. “Everybody loves the holidays, good cheer, and optimism.” Click here to see the elegant and modern holiday décor Stark designed for the State Department.

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