If Liv Tyler's New Haircut Makes You Want Bangs, We Get It

We saw Liv Tyler's bangs and now we want bangs.

My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who's growing out their bangs right now. It's a difficult, stressful time in one's life filled with bobby pins and hairspray until those cheekbone-length pieces finally get long enough to tuck behind your ears. Avoiding the painful awkward grow-out stages is one of the major reasons I've had bangs for most of my life. Oh, and celebrities like Liv Tyler who go ahead and get bangs that look so amazingly cool, they make me instantly forget that I ever considered living a life without bangs.

The actress showed up to the premiere of her new film Ad Astra on September 18 with a fresh set of bangs cut by celebrity hairstylist Renato Campora. Her new fringe hits just below her eyebrows and has a tapered shape. Campora also texturized the bangs to give them a soft, lived-in look that isn't thick and clumpy. Combined with Tyler's soft, loose waves, her bangs are totally giving me a '70s vibe.

While bangs are a big commitment because they need to be maintained with regular trims, they can completely transform your look. Take Tyler for example: by adding bangs, she made her signature long, chocolate brown waves feel like a fresh style she's never worn before.

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Thanks to Tyler, I now want to go get my own bangs trimmed ASAP. I'm showing my stylist the Images of her from Campora's Instagram for inspiration.

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