Did You Spot that Water Bottle in the Background of Little Women?

Of course, a TikToker found it.

Hydration is important, no matter the era. It seems that even in the universe of Little Women, the March sisters needed something to quench their thirst (literal thirst, not the kind that comes with being in the vicinity of Timothée Chalamet). An eagle-eyed viewer saw a reusable water bottle in a scene and after some debate as to whether or not it was a doctored photo, Twitter decided that it was, indeed, real.

Little Women Posters
Wilson Webb/CTMG

It all started with 18-year-old Mya, who goes by @DUNENATION on Twitter. That account shared a few screenshots of the scene after a friend directed her to a (no joke) TikTok video with more screencaps and video captures. It's behind Laurie's shoulder in one scene.

"[They're] just casually sitting there during some of the scene," @madelynrancourt says in the clip. "Let me know if you noticed this!"

"I thought it was so funny that I hadn't noticed it before," Mya told Teen Vogue. "The majority of my followers ... are big fans of the film and I thought it would be a funny thing for me to share with them."

At first, it was labeled #HydroFlaskGate, but Outside Magazine even chimed in, clarifying that it wasn't the VSCO girl staple. The water bottle in question is actually a Yeti.

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