Yoko Ono

When Yoko Ono released "Woman Power" in 1973, who would have ever thought that, over four decades later, the fierce feminist anthem would be remixed into a fist-pumping EDM song? But, as luck and synthesizers would have it, that's precisely what happened. And although the sound has vastly changed, the overarching message remains the same: Just like the original recording (which features guitar by John Lennon) "Woman Power (Alyson Calagna Vocal Mix)" champions the idea of an all-female nation—the O.G. "Run the World," if you will.

Lyrics like "Coming age of feminine society / we'll regain our human dignity / we'll lay some truth and clarity / and bring back nature's beauty" are evidence of how much society has progressed in terms of women's rights since back in the day (Hillary 2016, anyone?). But there's still obviously work to be done, and something to be said about the fact that the song has climbed to the #13 spot on the Billboard Dance Songs chart. Apparently everyone could use some girl power—especially in the club.

Listen to "Woman Power" below, and download Woman Power (Remixes Part 1) for $9 on the iTunes Store.