Listen to Lea Michele Sing Frozen’s Let It Go in the Season Premiere of Glee

Did you finally get "Let It Go" out of your head after a year? Well, bad news. It is about to get stuck in there again. The full version of Lea Michele belting out the Frozen ballad from the Season 6 premiere of Glee has arrived!

The hit Fox show returns for its final season in January with a two-hour episode in which Michele performs the tune. While we know very little about the story line of the season and how "Let It Go" will fit in to the plot, we can confirm that New Directions alums return to their old stomping grounds in Lima, Ohio (the past two seasons focused on the grads exploring their lives in New York).

"We're bringing back the Glee club," Michele's Rachel Berry proudly tells Sue Sylvester (portrayed by Jane Lynch) in a promo video for Glee's final season, which premieres Jan. 9, 2015, at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

Michele's "Let It Go" cover will be available on iTunes on Dec. 30—until then, listen to it here:

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