Lisa Perry's Mesmerizing Light-Up Clutch Is the Latest in Wearable Tech

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Wearable tech has become an increasingly hot topic as designers take the leap into an area where very few have gone before, in an attempt to figure out what the future of fashion holds. First came the high-fashion workout wear, like branded fitness trackers and smart shirts that monitor vitals, and then the dresses (see: Taylor Swift's on-stage costume and the light-up LBD designed by Zac Posen and Google that's since been worn by Lupita Nyong'o), and now, a luxe mirrored clutch that serves as a prime example of fashion-tech fusion.

Done in collaboration between designer Lisa Perry (a favorite among the fashion set) and American artist Leo Villareal, the masterpiece of a clutch, aptly named the "Scintillator," is crafted from metal and is encoded and powered by LED lights to create a mesmerizing pattern. Scintillating, indeed. It's a first in the tech accessory realm and it's a first for Perry, who's kicking off her artist series with this clutch.

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"As a collection and lover of Leo's work, I am thrilled to collaborate with him on this project—an accessory that incorporates the latest computer and light technology that is also a sculpture is amazing and innovative," Perry says. "Who wouldn't want to carry a bag that you can turn on and off? Being a part of such a creative ensemble has been energizing."

And it makes for a great arm workout, too (the metal is heavy in weight, which is to be expected). Only 75 of the limited edition accessory (which comes complete with a USB charger) was created, and it can be yours for a cool $2,995 starting now at, the Lisa Perry Madison Avenue boutique, and select Barneys New York stores across the country (including the newly opened Chelsea location in Manhattan).

The other great thing? A portion of the proceeds will go to the CFDA and the New York City Economic Development Corporation Fashion Manufacturing Initiative to help support local designers.

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