By Jonathan Borge
Updated Oct 20, 2017 @ 3:00 pm
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Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

Annie, originally on Broadway, may have won the 1977 Tony Award for Best Musical, but the 1982 film adaptation is what most of us always reference when we think of the story.

It starred Aileen Quinn as Annie and Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan, and delivered epically unforgettable numbers like “It’s a Hard-Knock Life.” And while all the songs from the production are catchy, none manages to lift a blue soul quite like “Tomorrow.”

That’s why now, singer Lisa Loeb, best known for ‘90s hit “Stay (I Missed You),” has chosen to take on the classic jam and create an accompanying music video (above) for her latest album, Lullaby Girl (streaming now; With the help of composer and pianist Larry Goldings, Loeb gave the song a fresh and softer jolt that manages to make you feel good, all the while honoring the original.

In the video, styled by Bridget Chapman, Loeb wears a Tripp NYC LBD from Vixens & Angels in Denver and masterfully belts the tune.

“Larry Goldings and I have been talking about making a record for years, ever since we recorded a very traditional recording of ‘Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries’ years ago,” she told InStyle. “We came up with an original take on ‘Tomorrow.’ Instead of playing it as a magnificent proud march, we wanted to do it as a lulling waltz. This is a completely different take on the song.”

So why choose this one?

“I grew up with this song. This made me, like millions of other little girls and boys, want to become singers when we grew up. It’s an anthem, but now it’s also a comforting song to remind you that tomorrow is another day and ‘the sun’ll come up,’ and everything will be OK.”

Sounds like the exact message we all need right now.

Watch the full video above—and watch Loeb perform new songs from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie on November 7 on