Vulture Festival At Milk Studios - May 31
Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty

Lisa Kudrow knows all about about making a comeback. Nearly 10 years after her Emmy-nominated HBO show The Comeback was cancelled following its first season, it got a well-deserved revival—and has just been renewed for a third season. “My gut always told me, there’s gotta be more to do with this,” she told InStyle at Vulture Festival in New York City Sunday before a panel. “But [in] real world practicality, it didn’t seem like that was ever going to happen. So it was a great surprise.”

For the second season, Lisa had to make sure fans of the cult show, about sitcom actress Valerie Cherish doing a reality TV series, would be happy. “This time, there was pressure,” she explained. “The people who liked the show knew it very, very well, and if we missed anything, we were going to hear about it.”

Speaking of highly anticipated reunions, could there be any chance for a Friends comeback too? Lisa, who admits she “burst into tears” at the thought of not playing Phoebe anymore, says not to hold your breath. “The six of us can’t even get in a room for dinner,” she told the audience during her Q & A. “We’re forever trying. We don’t all live in the same state. We don’t all have the same work schedule anymore and so we are constantly trying. It’s crazy! But it’s sweet that we’re trying, isn’t it?”

Lisa also joked about present-day storylines for Friends, which ended in 2004 after 10 years on air. “What’s that going to be about? Menopause and midlife crises?” she quipped. “I’m not eager to see that.”