Lisa Frank Hair - Lead
Credit: uggoff/Instagram

Forget notebooks, stickers, and backpacks: You can show your Lisa Frank obsession via your hair color. If you grew up in the '90s, no school year was complete without accessories splattered with the illustrator’s whimsical, prismatic designs. Although your school days and the decade is long behind us, you can appease your nostalgia for arguably the best decade ever with technicolor hair inspired by Frank’s colorful drawings.

Although rainbow-hued strands aren’t a new concept, the new hair color trend that’s taking over Instagram is next level. The combination of bright, unicorn shades will not only put a smile on the face of anyone who that comes in contact with you but they’ll also make you appear as though you stepped out of your favorite Lisa Frank drawing.

We’ve rounded up our favorite takes on the trend that look like they were pulled straight from the pages of your favorite Lisa Frank notebook.