By Brandi Fowler
Updated Aug 08, 2017 @ 6:15 pm
Lisa Frank Debit Cards
Credit: Courtesy

Stepping away from traditional humdrum cards, is bringing back memories of neon vibes, Trapper Keepers, and slap bracelets with a set of debit cards emblazoned with bright and colorful Lisa Frank designs.

There are 16 different patterns available for the prepaid Visa cards and they including everything from aliens riding around in a psychedelic Beetle, to unicorns, and polar bears and wolves playing in the snow. It brings a whole new meaning to throwback merch.

Lisa Frank announced the debut of the cards on Instagram Tuesday, writing, "Have you checked out the Lisa Frank debit cards available at! 16 designs to choose from!" The post showed off one of the designs—the aliens, who appropriately flash peace signs.

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Not surprisingly, fans freaked out in the comments, writing, "OH. MY. GOD. WE NEED THESE ASAP," "Game changer," and "HOLY. GOODNESS. I NEED one!!!"

We totally agree. Head to to order yours.