Eyeliner Lead
Credit: Courtesy (2); Time Inc. Digital Studios

Liquid liner is truly an art form—mastering the inky noir strike takes practice, and is certainly something that can never be rushed. Still, even with an hour to perfect a wing so sharp it could stab someone, the product almost seems to know when we're feeling intimidated, and one false move almost always results in an uneven finish. The solution? Pick up a liquid liner pen, which combines the rich, patent leather shine you want with the control of a pencil. Liquid liner pens aren't incredibly new to the beauty world, but these versions by Givenchy ($31; and Maybelline ($8; are especially user-friendly for beginners working on holding a steady hand.

The difference between these and others on the market lie in the tapered applicator. The felt tip allows for a more precise finish than the brush counterparts, and thanks to the thicker base, the pen is remains stiff so you can draw on a sharp cat-eye in just one sweep, but the ultra-fine tip is just flexible enough to create that perfect, curved wing at the end. As the saying goes, the higher the wing, the closer to heaven. Who knew reaching the pearly gates would be as easy as writing your name?

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