By Maura Lynch
Jan 18, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

It seems like there's a new beauty collaboration every week, whether a celebrity designs a fragrance or a movie spurs an eyeshadow palette. But this has to be the most bizarre one yet: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, the cult makeup brand adored for its super-pigmented colors and vegan formulas, created a limited edition lip tar for the broadway play Misery. Yes. They made a beauty product inspired by a Stephen King book about a crazed fan who holds an author hostage and tortures him; in the terrifyingly hilarious movie adaptation, Kathy Bates (the fan) smashes the writer's leg with a sledgehammer while saying, "God, I love you."

It's a weird premise, but here's the thing: the lip color, unsurprisingly named Misery, is absolutely beautiful. (Here's a picture of me wearing it.) It's the opposite of misery. It's joy! The founder of OCC, David Klasfeld, says he wanted to make the lip color in part because the line is used exclusively backstage at the show, and also because he loved the shade of red in the Misery logo. In my mind, the only thing linking the two is the word obsessive. It's an odd choice for a collab, but it's sure a pretty one.