Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty

Yesterday Katy Perry held a press conference for her upcoming Super Bowl halftime performance and the details she revealed about the show—and her outfit—did not disappoint.

The singer wore a cheerleader uniform–inspired RVN crop top and flared skirt that were adorned with footballs and topped off the look with red patent-leather Pedro García pumps and a big, very bling-y football necklace. Clearly this gal, who says she will be rooting for the Seattle Seahawks, is ready to go!

"I don't think I'm so much of an expert on the game of football, but I can assure everyone in here, nothing in my performance will be deflated," she said at the conference, in an obvious tease at Deflategate.

It was hard to concentrate on anything but her outfit, but Perry did reveal a few details about her hotly anticipated halftime show—here are a few things you can expect:

1. Wildlife in the Form of Sharks and Lions

Perry said there will be "sharks" and "lions" during her "colorful" halftime show. Now Perry could be totally serious or she could mean people dressed up as animals (which her concerts often feature) instead of real wild beasts appearing on stage. Either way, we're excited.

2. There Will Be Fire (and Hopefully a "Firework" or Two)

Perry hinted that her costume in the first half of the performance will involve fire in some way. She stated that it is “going to be flaming hot—not the Cheeto” (in a reference to her very funny Halloween costume). Mysterious!

3. Big-Name Musical Cameos

"When you hear the first ring of the chord," Perry promised, "I think jaws will drop and faces will melt." Lenny Kravitz is joining Perry on the stage, and the Associate Press reports that Missy Elliott is also expected to make an appearance. Perry featured the rapper on a remix of "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" in 2011, so it's within the realm of possibility. Perry said the show will be "wild" and these two guests would definitely help with that!

4. Perry's Own Diamond-Studded Designs

"I've been designing this show for months," she said at the press conference. "It's a larger than life show. I've collaborated on everything. There is not a diamond on a shoe that has not gone past my eyes. I'm so prepared for this show that I even had time for Netflix the other night."

5. Something for the Ladies

Perry said the whole show “will be a real female fun night.” And how could it not be with Perry, her costumes, and potential performances of anthems like "Roar" and "Firework." "I just hope at the end of the day over 100 million people are smiling in unison," she said.

Watch highlights from the singer's press conference below: