By Christopher Luu
Updated Jan 10, 2019 @ 10:00 pm

One person's "painful voyeurism" is another's "best show ever." Even though Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club got mostly scathing reviews, the MTV show managed to earn one super-fan: Miley Cyrus. The Disney Channel alum came to Lohan's defense on Instagram, shooting down haters that considered the new series to be the ultimate in trash TV.

"Lindsay Lohan’s new reality show, Beach Club,' is painful voyeurism," Vice wrote. Entertainment Tonight reports that the publication teased its review on Instagram, which is where Cyrus declared her love for the show. "When she fled America to live in Dubai and Greece, she was retreating to heal and rebuild herself...but the environment on a TV set seems like the worst place on Earth to do that," Vice's teaser continues. "Unlike a lot of other reality TV, the show isn’t 'bad in a good way' — it’s just bad."

Cyrus offered a very succinct counter: "Lies! It's the best show ever." CommentsbyCelebs caught it all, from Vice's original post to Cyrus's declaration.

Lindsay Lohan Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen
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The series only began this past week, so it may be too early to judge, even though Vice seemed set on its opinion of Lohan's latest venture. ET compares the show, which is set at Lohan's Mykonos club, to Bravo's Vanderpump Rules, where viewers get a peek at a club from the employees' and employer's points of view. And while clubs and Lindsay Lohan seem like a troubling combination, she assures viewers that she's all business. Long gone are her days of partying. Instead, it seems like she's balancing books and keeping her employees in check.

"Because I'm running the show, I have to be on it and I have to keep myself busy," Lohan said. "It's more fun to watch other people have their own fun with what they're doing. There's no judgment in it, though. It has nothing to do with my past."