By Alicia Brunker
Updated Jul 28, 2018 @ 3:30 pm

In the least expected BFF pairings of 2018, we definitely didn't see this one coming: Lindsay Lohan and Tiffany Trump.

The former child star and daughter of President Trump were spotted hanging out in Mykonos, Greece. While Lohan has been spending a lot of time on the Greek island for filming of her new reality series about her beach club, Lohan Beach House, Trump was there to attend a fundraiser for victims of the country's wildfires.

During her vacation, after completing her second semester of law school at Georgetown, Tiffany was pictured getting chummy with the actress at the charity event. On Friday, Lohan shared a now-deleted photo of herself and Tiffany posing with their mutual friend Andrew Warren.

At the party, the two seemed so close that LiLo even touched up Tiffany's hair.

However, this is not the first time Lohan and Trump had hung out. Back in April, the duo Facetimed each other, and during her recent interview with the New York Times, Lindsay referred to POTUS's daughter as a "really sweet girl" and "nice person."

Another super weird fact about this unexpected friendship? In 2004, the president told Howard Stern on his radio show that Lohan was "probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed." Awkward.

But does Lindsay agree with her friend's political affiliation? "Here's the thing: very simple with politics," Lindsay told the NYT about Trump. "He's the president. No matter what anyone says, he's still the president. I have no feeling. I have no emotion."

Excuse us while we take a minute to digest this BFF news...