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Lindsay Lohan may have already proven that she's a selfie expert, but she seems to have reached new heights with her most recent Instagram post. The former child star took us down memory lane by comparing herself to a photo from everyone's favorite '90s movie, The Parent Trap, when the actress was just 11 years old.

Although much has changed personally for Lohan since the movie's release in 1998, physically, the actress seems to have hardly aged. Despite her lightened hair, Lohan hasn't lost the mischievous twinkle in her eyes that captured our hearts all those years ago. And she's still rocking those freckles:

Lohan, who is now 29 years old captioned the photo with, "Spa week really does wonders!" But we think she should give herself a little more credit. Bravo, Lindsay, we're glad to see you're doing well.