By Isabel Jones
Updated Jul 23, 2018 @ 9:15 am

Though Lindsay Lohan has happily parted ways with America by all accounts, it seems she’s ready to reacquaint herself with the most quintessentially American tradition of them all: reality television.

MTV is set to produce an unscripted series set at Miss Lohan’s recently opened Mykonos beach club, the aptly named Lohan Beach House.

Lindsay Lohan Lead
Credit: instagram/lindsaylohan

In a recent interview with The New York Times, the former child star, who now lives primarily in Dubai, sang the praises of her new paparazzi-free life abroad. "It’s the safest place. It’s less demanding," she said of Dubai. Her new home is a welcome foil to her media-plagued life in America, which she claimed made her "paranoid."

"You feel like you’re always watching out ... It creates this paranoia in your head that’s not necessary," she said.

Lohan, who left America to find “silence,” is creating a lot of noise with her latest endeavor. But in all her years since consciously uncoupling with America and her place in the spotlight, it seems strange that the 32-year-old is making her comeback in such an intimate and vulnerable way.

We know admittedly little about Lohan’s upcoming series, but we can’t help but wonder, will she really be in it, or will focus fall upon the staff and customers at Lohan Beach House? According to the Times, the series is a "Vanderpump Rules-style" show, and though Lisa Vanderpump (owner of the restaurant where the show's primary characters work) makes quite a few cameos, the show doesn't revolve around her. So perhaps Lohan will have more of a supporting role as well?

It’s been a mere month since the NYT piece went live, but it seems Lohan’s ready to take the “business side” of her life public—as public as it can be, in fact.

We know you’re tired of rumors startin,’ Linds, so please, set the record straight: is the new Lindsay truly ready for her close-up?