Lindsay Lohan Wants to Return to Acting with Mean Girls 2

"I should probably get back to doing movies at some point."

Lindsay Lohan knows exactly how she wants to make her big comeback, and it's all about wearing pink on Wednesdays.

On a recent episode of Lights Out With David Spade, the actress opened up about her plans for the future following her recent single debut with "Back to Me," her first pop music release in 12 years. She touched briefly on what she wants to do with her acting career, and perhaps to no one's surprise, she's definitely into making a Mean Girls 2.

"I should probably get back to doing movies at some point," Lohan told Spade as the conversation turned to her future plans. "I think I was hanging on to Mean Girls for a really long time. I wanted to come back with a Mean Girls 2. To work with Tina Fey, and the whole crew again, and Mark Waters. That was really what I wanted. I was excited to do that." She's not alone – given Mean Girls' influence, it seems just about every fan of the movie would have loved that.

"But that’s all in their hands, really. So that would definitely be an exciting thing," she concluded. It doesn't appear she has any real plans for any sort of acting comeback just yet, but it seems like she has the perfect vision laid out for when that could happen – aside from her upcoming role in the Mickey Rourke vehicle Cursed.

Right now, it seems she's very interested in releasing a new series of bops to get us moving, just like with "Back to Me," a certified banger.

"It’s been really exciting," she said of her time making new music. "I started working with a writer called Alma, which was really fun, and I liked her tracks." She noted that her new music was some that she related to personally as well.

"And I said, ‘Well, this kind of reminds me of some of the stuff I went through that happened in L.A.. And I can relate to this and this is something that I can kind of get with [the] singing, because it's fun and it's upbeat, but I can definitely relate to aspects of my life in the past — it makes sense."

Whatever you decide to tackle next, Lindsay, the world will be watching (and listening). But please do try and bless us with a Mean Girls 2 if that can ever happen. And no, we don't mean the direct-to-video sequel. We'd like to strike that one from the record.

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