Lindsay Ellingson - Wander Beauty
Credit: Derek Ketella

With over 10 years of runway experience and eight years as a Victoria's Secret Angel under her designer belt, model Lindsay Ellingson certainly knows her share of pro beauty tricks.

"I was always one of those girls who was asking questions and absorbing tips and tricks about makeup application, colors, formulas, what to do, and what not to do," she tells InStyle. "I'm also a girl who loves to share all my beauty secrets."

Lucky for us, the star did exactly that during a recent visit to introduce us to her new makeup line, Wander Beauty---including one that has us remixing our blush. "I love applying a creme blush before foundation, because it looks more natural and makes you appear to be glowing from within," she says. "In general, creams look more natural to me than powders, and are great for creating that youthful flush of color that doesn't really look like makeup."

As anyone who has ever watched a taping of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show knows, one should never underestimate the power of a good luminizer—and its uses are as versatile as you'd imagine. In developing products for Wander, Ellingson picked up a trick from her co-founder Divya Gugnani, who applies a layer of illuminator under her eyes before sweeping on a concealer.

"When you think about it, all of those concealers for your undereyes are light-reflecting, so you're basically recreating that formula," she says. "I also love to apply illuminator all over my lips, and top it off with a lipstick. It adds more dimension and fullness, which I love, and then you can use it to highlight your cupid's bow."

Lindsay Ellingson - Wander Beauty
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It's only appropriate that the first product launch from Wander is a blush-highlighter duo ($42; in two blendable tones, guaranteed to flatter every skin tone---and the technology used on the site makes sure the product lives up to that claim. When shopping for the product, you'll have the option to see how the colors look against models of varying complexions and ethnic backgrounds, taking the guesswork out of the online beauty haul. "We're empowering women to feel more confident to make themselves gorgeous on-the-go with a few key products, while also delivering on a strong digital shopping experience," she says. Ellingson has more products in the works, with universally-flattering shades that promise to be as multitasking as the model herself.

"The whole premise is to help women downsize their makeup bags, because beauty can be overwhelming," she says. "The whole line is based around fuss-free, easy to use products, and taking all of the guesswork out of applying your makeup."

Each week, you can expect to see 15-second Hyperlapse tutorials, which translate the hottest runway trends into a real world-appropriate effect, along with insider tips straight from the star and the Wander team. Thanks to Ellingson, the old school saying holds true: Not all who wander are lost---at least, no longer in the beauty department.