By Jennifer Ferrise
Updated May 27, 2016 @ 4:00 pm
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Credit: Courtesy Netflix

Whether you binged three or all 13 episodes of Bloodline's first season, you know that that the Netflix drama is pretty heavy. Centered around the Rayburn clan, who run an oceanfront hotel in the Florida Keys, the show is about the unraveling of family secrets—with a hearty helping of murder and dysfunction on the side. And while the subject matter will remain dark and mysterious in season two, Linda Cardellini, who plays daughter and sister Meg Rayburn, says that the mood on set is actually quite cheerful.

“We have giggle fits all the time!” she tells InStyle. “Sometimes I find it harder to keep a straight face in a drama, rather than a comedy, because it's so heavy all the time, you have to have more fun." Among the star-studded ensemble cast that includes Kyle Chandler (below), Sissy Spacek, Ben Mendelsohn, and Chloë Sevigny, Cardellini says Chandler is the one that breaks character the most. “He carries so much weight in the storyline, he has to laugh it off sometimes, otherwise he would be a robot,” she jokes. “It's a healthy way to deal with all of that family drama."

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Season two, which is streaming on Netflix starting today, picks up right where season one left off which—spoiler alert—included the murder of Danny, the black-sheep Rayburn brother by his own siblings. With the family reeling from the crime they committed, Cardellini says the dynamics of the show have shifted. “This season moves much quicker than last,” she says. “The siblings are in survival mode because they are the only three that know the secret.”

Meanwhile, Sally, the Rayburn family matriarch (played by Spacek, below) is still left in the dark. “It's unsettling because Sally knows that she lost her son and her husband, but she has no inkling of what really happened,” says Spacek. “There is a new strain put on all of their relationships—her kids can't even look her in the eye anymore and she doesn’t know why."

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Credit: Courtesy Netflix

Good thing they know how to keep it light in between takes. “We all genuinely love each other and like to make each other laugh,” adds Cardellini. “And as it turns out, a lot of people like to visit the Florida Keys, so we've even met each other's children, parents, and extended families.”

Season two of Bloodline is streaming now on Netflix.