By Meghan Overdeep
Updated Oct 11, 2017 @ 10:00 am

In case you needed another reason to follow Lin-Manuel Miranda's star-studded For Puerto Rico Spotify playlist (it supports hurricane relief efforts!), the Hamilton creator has sweetened the deal big time.

After he announced that Spotify will make a contribution to the Hispanic Federation UNIDOS Disaster Relief Fund on behalf of playlist followers earlier this month, Miranda has relied on a unique way to incentivize fans. First, to help the playlist reach 50K followers, he promised to share a photo of himself from college performing in Jennifer Lopez drag. Three days later he delivered.

Now, with 72,000 followers (and climbing), Miranda is once again raising the stakes. Shortly after hitting the 50K mark, he announced that when the playlist reaches 100K, he'll share the entire video of his J.Lo performance from 2001—complete with his friend Julio as Ja Rule. Now that we are here for.

Charity, music, and Lin-Manuel in J.Lo drag? What are you waiting for? Follow his For Puerto Rico Spotify playlist here.