Lily Rose Depp - Lead
Credit: Instagram/@lilyrose_depp

Lily-Rose Depp is making a powerful statement with her latest modeling endeavor. The 16-year-old daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis has partnered up with the Self Evident Project to show her support for the LGBTQI community.

The inspiring star shared a photo of her wearing a "We Are You" T-shirt on her Instagram account, where Lily-Rose poses with two friends and simply wrote "#weareyou @iolovesyou @selfevidentproject." The organization also shared the same snap, which they captioned: "These sweet teen dreams joined the Self Evident Project family over the weekend. The entire point of this project is to help young people feel good being true to themselves, so to us, this is the ultimate win! They are numbers 9,559 - 9,661. We're getting close!"

The project's founder iO Tillett Wright 'grammed a second picture of with Lily-Rose, hinting that the teen identifies as sexually fluid. "I'm so proud of my baby girl @lilyrose_depp. She decided she wanted to be in @selfevidentproject because she falls somewhere on the vast spectrum, and I couldn't be happier to welcome her to the family. She's a tiny gem of a good human. #prouduncle #weareyou," the artist wrote. Only 16 and already standing up for what she believes in? We're impressed.