5 Reasons Birthday Girl Lily James Is Our Next Fashion Obsession

Lily James Turns 27!
Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Happy birthday, Lily James! The Cinderella star is turning 27 today, and while she first enchanted us as Lady Rose MacClare in the dearly departed series, Downton Abbey, she's making a name for herself as one of our up-and-coming fashion obsessions.

While fans are used to seeing James outfitted in 1920s-inspired garb for her role in the British period drama, she recently switched things up by donning an iconic Cinderella gown and glass slippers in Kenneth Branagh's 2015 Cinderella film, which was greeted with much fanfare.

Recently, James went post-apocalyptic, 1800s style, when she starred as Elizabeth Bennet in February's Jane Austen parody, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. What's more, the 27-year-old was dressed to impress as she appeared in the television mini-series War & Peace, based in the days of imperial Russia.

As James's acting career continues to take off, her style is evolving—something her stylist, Rebecca Corbin-Murray has certainly noticed. "She's definitely a lot more refined," she recently told us. "Lily's quite a tomboy. She didn't really care about fashion before, and now she loves fittings. She's super excited. She recognizes brands. She knows what she likes more. She knows that suits her. And she's just a really exciting, beautiful young star to be working with. I'm super excited about her."

In honor of that excitement and James's birthday, take a look at five reasons why this burgeoning star is quickly becoming our next fashion obsession:

1. She Knows How to Make a Gown Look Regal

2. She Can Channel Her Inner Stevie Nicks

3. She Had Style Even Before She Became Famous

4. She's on-Trend in Overalls (and Minnie Mouse Ears)

5. She Knows How to Have a "Real" Cinderella Moment

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