Do blondes really have more fun? Lily Collins thinks so. Road-testing the age-old phrase, the actress took to Instagram to reveal that she drastically changed her signature rich brunette hair color and is now a blonde.

Credit: lilyjcollins/instagram

"Not sure if it's the blonde or this city, but I really am having more fun…” she wrote alongside a selfie. A shocking switch from her caramel highlights, the actress’ new multi-dimensional honey blonde hair is by far the lightest she’s ever gone. With her dark roots subtly shining through, the color creates a pretty contrast and draws even more attention to her bold and gloriously full eyebrows.

As for her length, it looks like it’s about the same—she wore the new shade in loose, tousled waves. The question we always pose: Is it real or is it just a well-crafted wig? She definitely fooled us.

The next day, Collins took to Instagram once again with a picture that proved she's not quite ready to ditch her brunette status. "Just kidding! Natural locks, back in place. For now..." she wrote.

For now, eh? Does that mean blonde is a consideration for the future? Only time will tell.