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Credit: Sarah Balch

Plans are well underway for this year's #VSFashionShow, airing on Dec. 5 on CBS, and the costumes are getting their finishing touches as we speak.

Lucky for us, Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge gave InStyle an invite to her private fitting at the VS studios, where famed wing designer Serkan Cura was hard at work finalizing all of the intricate details of her look for the sexiest runway show of the year.

During the fitting, Aldridge saw one of the two outfits she will wear down the runway for the very first time, and we were there to capture every moment. “It’s amazing it’s such a beautiful look, I love my wings I love the whole mountain feel of it, it’s very sexy and cute,” she says. Read below for the full scoop on how Aldridge preps for the show, what she's really thinking when she walks down the runway, and the first thing she eats post-show.

How does this outfit compare to what you wore last year?

Well I wore the fantasy bra last year so its very different … but my other look is very sexy, very lacy, very kind of sexy wings. This is more playful and cute. It’s nice to have two different kind of feelings for the show. I’m so excited for Paris. It’s so fun going as a group because we’re all friends and we all stay in the same hotel and cause trouble in the hallways and just have so much fun it feels like camp.

Favorite thing about Paris?

My favorite thing about Paris is the food. There’s this amazing hot chocolate there that I dream about. So I’ll be indulging in that after the show.

Tell us about the 24 hours leading up to the show.

The 24 hours leading up to the show is just a blur of rehearsals, last minute changes, a lot of working out. At the end of the night we all just try to have a little bit of fun and let loose and get ready for the next day.

Let’s talk about working out a little bit more. Do you change it at all right before the show?

I do, I start doing two workouts a day, which is great [laughs]. But it just gives you a little bit extra muscle, toning. It’s fun and you just get into that kind of work out zone. I do Ballet Beautiful and I love it. We’ll usually do like an hour in the morning and then I’ll do like 30 minutes of like cardio in the afternoon.

Any work out you don’t like?

Well my trainer is so sweet and she like laughs with you when it’s really painful so it seems like your having fun, she like tricks you into thinking it’s fun. So I’m laughing during it. I like everything we do, I love working out with her.

What are you thinking about when you walk down the runway?

So many things oh my gosh. I’m thinking how blessed I feel, how amazing it is, just where I’ve come from. Last year I had like a very emotional moment going down the runway because I was wearing the fantasy bra. And I was like putting it on I was backstage like crying and Gigi walked past me and she was like ‘are you okay,’ I’m like ‘I can’t believe I’m wearing the bra!’ Because we work so hard, the girls really work so hard. I’ve been with VS for so long now, it’s amazing.

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Credit: Sarah Balch

What’s your best advice for the newer girls?

Just have fun and smile and just go with it. It goes so fast and it’s so fun and every girl after is just like just so excited and lit up and it’s amazing.

And then it’s off to party right?

Then yeah, we have an annual pizza party. I’ve hosted a pizza party for 8 years.

What’s your favorite kind?

Just cheese. Just good old-fashioned cheese pizza.