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Even though Kim Kardashian told us just last month that she's most comfortable as a brunette, she's already moved into platinum territory this past week. If you, like her, recently lightened your strands or are planning to, consider changing up your makeup bag as well. Blonde hair calls for more pops of color to accentuate your features, “or you end up looking washed out- regardless of skin tone,” says celebrity makeup artist Allan Avendano, who works with stars like Sarah Hyland and Gigi Hadid.

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While a bold lip can look great on any hair color or skin tone, “it’s a great time to experiment and try out bolder shades that can bring more color to the face," says Avendano. (We're currently loving Laura Mercier's liquid lip color in Orchid Pink, $28; On cheeks, sweep a peachy hued blush and a dusting of golden bronzer, “these shades help warm up the skin,” says Avendano. Next up, replace your black eyeliners and mascaras with a darker brown shade which tends to look less severe against blonde strands. And unless you’re going for an intentional contrast (a la Kim), fill in brows with a formula that is only 2 shades darker than your hair.