It’s been 12 years since Ray Donovan star Liev Schreiber was last on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and boy was his Tuesday appearance worth the wait. The actor and Naomi Watts’s partner told the talk show host that his fear of public dancing kept him away. “It’s nerve-wracking. I have a recurring nightmare about that,” he said. “I wanted to be able to [dance]. But then as I stepped out, I froze.”

Luckily DeGeneres had a social lubricant ready to help Schreiber open up: tequila. The actor downed a shot and then proceeded to spill about his life with Watts and their boys, 8-year-old Alexander and 7-year-old Samuel. While Watts and his kids are at home in New York, Schreiber is on-set in California, and told DeGeneres that the distance is “tough.”

“This is the first time we did that. The kids are at that age where you kind of want them to have continuity with friends and school,” he said. “You’ve got to put them first at a certain point and the back and forth, I think, can get tough.” But according to the actor, it’s the hardest on him.

Good times me an Dad.😘

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“I try to FaceTime with them but they’re just bored … It’s a horrible feeling,” he said. “I work a 16-hour day and I have 20 minutes to talk to my kids and they’re just like, ‘Hey, Dad.’”

“What if you danced for them?” DeGeneres quipped, and Schreiber stumbled over his response. “I do dance for them. I do. They love to dance. We have a—” he said before stopping. Luckily, another tequila shot did the trick to open him up, and the actor revealed that he does a naked dance with his kids after getting out of the bath.

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“My sons and I have a thing that we do where we bathe and then we do the ‘Willy Dance,’” he said. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Watch the video above for Schreiber’s hilarious explanation.