Liam Payne traded in his laid-back hoodie and sneakers for a suit and tie at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday afternoon.

The occasion? The Queens Young Leaders Ceremony, where Payne met Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry. And like all of us, the former One Direction member immediately took to Instagram to document the epic moment. "An absolute honour to meet the Queen today on such a fantastic occasion. Privileged to share the room with such inspirational @queensyoungleaders, hear their stories and how they are helping to rebuild and preserve a sometimes broken world," he captioned the post.

Looking the smartest we've probably ever seen him, Payne paired a black tailored sports coat and slacks with a light blue shirt and patterned tie. To complete his suited and booted attire, the Brit donned a sexy pair of specs.

But the glasses' round frames soon had fans comparing Payne to...wait for it...Harry Potter. A sexy Harry Potter, if you ask us!