Most of us Very Online people know that an artfully filtered photo in which one poses alongside a cuddly pup is a complete thirst trap — but not Liam Hemsworth.

On Sunday, he posted one such photo on Instagram, which was immediately called out as a thirst trap by Isn't It Romantic co-star Adam Devine.

Hemsworth responded, "I just googled thirst trap. 100% true ;)."

At least he owns it.

Chances are Liam stumbled upon the Urban Dictionary definition of the phrase, which describes a "thirst trap" as "a sexy photograph or flirty message posted on social media for the intent of causing others to publicly profess their attraction. This is done not to actually respond or satisfy any of this attraction, but to feed the poster's ego or need for attention, at the expense of the time, reputation and sexual frustration of those who view the image or reply."

Hemsworth shared in the caption that the photo was taken by his brother Luke Hemsworth, who "captured this moment of me and my best friend Dora. Good god I love this dog."

He and ex Miley Cyrus adopted Dora back in 2015. Since their split, it seems like Dora has been spending a lot of time with the actor — she's even in his Instagram user photo. In August, TMZ reported that Miley had received "custody" of all of the couple's animals (seven dogs, two horses, two mini horses, 3 cats, and a pig), though it looks like Liam has plenty of visitation rights.

Man's best friend and thirst trap tool.