By Isabel Jones
Updated Jul 19, 2018 @ 5:45 pm

Breakup rumors? What breakup rumors ...

After Miley Cyrus cleared out her Instagram and, just a few days later, reports of a split from longtime fiancé Liam Hemsworth gained traction, fans (reasonably) began to lose it.

The rumors came in like a wrecking ball (sorry) and all they wanted was to break our walls (not that sorry). But as evidenced by the Aussie actor himself, that’s really all they were: rumors.

Credit: Presley Ann/Getty Images

Liam took to his Instagram stories on Thursday with a sweet video of him and Miley dancing off the haters during a car ride. And tbh, we were about to be like, “Look at the road, Liam!” but he beat us to it, scaring Cyrus by uttering a mock scream. After jumping in her seat, Miley turns to Liam, jokingly threatening to “beat the … " Hmm, guess we’ll never know what she was alluding to!

It wasn’t the most direct way to address the rumors, but it certainly did the job.

Rest easy, Last Song super fans. #Miam4evr