Liam Hemsworth/Diesel - Lead
Credit: Courtesy

As if you really needed a reason to look up Liam Hemsworth's glorious picture to kick off your week, Diesel just broke some serious news you can include in that #ManCrushMonday Instagram post. Today, the brand announced that Hemsworth will be the famous face of their Only the Brave scent. The move is a major one for Diesel as Hemsworth will be the first celebrity ever to front one of their fragrances—and considering that the star looks just as good as the amber, cedar, lemon, and leather scent smells, the partnership couldn't be more perfect.

"A brave man is characterized by his strength, his determination, and above all, for his ability to live courageously, following his own rules," Andrea Rosso, Diesel creative director for licenses, tells WWD. "I think that Liam embodies these qualities, and I'm happy to have him as the face of Only the Brave." We think he does as well—and we'll definitely be on the lookout for his surely gorgeous ads, set to roll out in July.