Tory Burch x Dodie Thayer collaboration: new lettuce-ware
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With her newest launch, fashion designer Tory Burch is collaborating with a fellow icon of preppy American style: Dodie Thayer.

The Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch collection revives Thayer's vintage, handmade lettuce-centric pottery designs with a vibrant bright green hue. "I have always admired Dodie Thayer's lettuce-ware—each piece is truly a work of art," Burch, an avid collector of the 1960s pieces herself, wrote on her website. "I was honored when she agreed to collaborate with us on a pottery collection and working with her has been an incredible experience." The new collection includes ceramic bowls, cups, and plates in the iconic lettuce-ware style.

Dodie Thayer and Tory Burch
Credit: Dodie Thayer and Tory Burch photo by Noa Griffel

A little about Thayer: Now retired, she's a self-taught artist who began casting pottery from real lettuce and cabbage leaves in the 1960s. Each piece took two weeks to make, and came to embody the casual elegance of vintage Palm Springs, Calif., where Thayer then lived. (She now lives in Florida.)

Dodi Thayer and her lettuce pottery
Credit: Dodi Thayer with some of her early pieces. Courtesy of Tory Burch

The chic platters, plates, tureens, and more were snapped up by fashionable hostesses everywhere, including First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the Duchess of Windsor, Brooke Astor, and socialite C. Z. Guest. "There's almost a mythology built up around Dodie Thayer lettuce-ware," Burch writes. "When it does come up at auction, it is gone within minutes. It's rare." Astor's own collection was auctioned off at Sotheby's in 2012.

The 218-piece set was sold for a reported $74,500, but with its relaunch, you won't need to drop that much: prices start around $88 for a set of four canapé plates. Dodie Thayer and Tory Burch's lettuce-ware collaboration is available now at and in select Tory Burch boutiques.

Tory Burch x Dodie Thayer collaboration: new lettuce-ware
Credit: Courtesy