By Rita Kokshanian
Updated Dec 30, 2014 @ 11:42 am
Jane Fonda
Credit: Harry Langdon/Getty Images

Talk about a throwback! Just in time for everyone to start making their New Year's resolutions, Jane Fonda has announced that she is re-releasing her legendary fitness tapes. The 77-year-old's five most popular VHSs will be available as DVDs and digital downloads on Jan. 6.

Fonda, whose first fitness tape came out in 1982, told SHAPE that there was a demand for modernized formats of her classic workouts. "I cannot tell you the number of people over the years that have written to me. Hundreds of people have lost the VHS, it tore, it ripped, someone borrowed it and didn’t return it, people don’t have VCR players anymore…all kinds of reasons," she says. The actress also dished that her routine and outfits have changed a bit with age. Her favorite workout nowadays is walking and she prefers Lululemon yoga pants to leg warmers.

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