Let's Duet: Barbra Streisand Makes a Legendary Return to Late Night Television

Welcome back, Babs! After a 50-year absence from being a guest on late night television shows, the legendary Barbra Streisand appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday. Needless to say, the iconic star made it worth the wait.

During her visit, Streisand performed a medley of duets from her latest album Partners with host Jimmy Fallon. And just in case Fallon wasn't already living out the ultimate showbiz fantasy of performing alongside Streisand, he got to do so pretending to be the likes of Elvis Presley, Blake Shelton, and Michael Bublé. (The award-winning artist was especially impressed by Fallon's impression of Shelton, telling him during their performance, "I can hardly tell the difference!")

Watch the hilarious, swoon-worthy clip below, and good luck trying not to get a little verklempt watching Streisand make that long-awaited return to The Tonight Show.

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