By Faith Cummings
Updated Aug 16, 2017 @ 8:30 am

Before Rumi and Sir Carter came into Beyoncé's life, she already had a pretty epic set of twins in her corner: her dancers Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, also known as Les Twins. And the dancing duo have some thoughts about the "Lemonade" singer's own adorable twosome.

While the brothers haven't dished on whether or not they've met Rumi and Sir, they did offer some sage advice for Queen Bey about raising her twins. "Do not dress them the same after 2," Laurent stated in an interview with People. And Larry added, "Do not treat one with more love than the other because they will always remember."

VIDEO: Beyoncé Welcomes Twins!

Les Twins, who hail from Paris, also fondly recalled their first days in the States when the mom of three took the time to help them speak English. "We didn't speak English when we started to dance with Beyoncé and JAY-Z – at all," Larry revealed. "She's a great teacher. She [taught] me how to speak correctly. She really [made] us feel like we were unique."

We're sure Beyoncé will translate that affectionate spirit into lots of love and attention for her own twins, making them feel individually special!