Don't expect him to quit his day job anytime soon.

By Isabel Jones
Jun 26, 2019 @ 12:15 pm

Leonardo DiCaprio is a man of many talents — he’s an Oscar-winning actor, passionate advocate for the environment, and a rockstar Instagram boyfriend

One talent he does not possess? A knack for beach volleyball. Poor Leo engaged in a match on Monday alongside pal Robin Thicke, and it appears his enthusiasm was his downfall.

In a particularly ill-timed set of paparazzi photos, the actor flails across the sand, eventually getting hit in the face by the very ball he was poised to strike.


Poor Leo.

Naturally, the internet did not take kindly to the viral photos.

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Sorry, Leo, we hope the volleyball-shaped welt on your face doesn’t prevent you from starring in Martin Scorsese’s latest drama. In fact, perhaps this volleyball incident could be mined for creative potential? If you don’t pitch The Devil on the Malibu Beach to Marty, I will.