Here Are Some Photos of Leonardo DiCaprio Riding a Bike

Leo Riding with a New Lady Friend

The only thing that could be better than Leonardo DiCaprio walking on two legs is him cycling on two wheels, and lucky for us biking is one of the actor's favorite ways to get around. Being the environmentalist that he is, it's no surprise the Academy Award-winner favors New York City's readily-accessible Citi Bikes when in the Big Apple, and there's no shortage of photos of DiCaprio wheeling around.

In honor of National Bike to Work Day, we've rounded up the best snaps of your favorite Boo Boo riding Citi Bikes (including one of him and his former Boo Boo, Blake Lively—talk about #FlashbackFriday). We only have one question: Where's the best place to go biking in Manhattan, Leo?

"You mean today, Boo Boo? Street wise?"

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Leo and Blake Lively Riding Bikes

He rides bikes on dates.
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And in the fall.
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In the heat of the summer.
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Leo Preparing for the Rain on a Citi Bike

Have we mentioned how much he loves them?
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Leo Riding with a New Lady Friend

Leo Riding with a New Lady Friend
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