The actor's Titanic press tour is still going strong 22 years in. 


It’s been 84 — er, 22 years, and Leonardo DiCaprio still can’t shake the specter of a certain maritime epic. You might say he’ll, uh, never let go.

Anyway, when DiCaprio (known in some elite circles as LDC) isn’t busy declaring his global sovereignty or painting his French girls, he can be found aboard a different boat, in St. Barts, with actress girlfriend Camila Morrone.

During this particular vacation, the Oscar winner reportedly had the opportunity to once again save the day — though this time it wasn’t at his own expense. While sailing with Morrone and friends on Dec. 30, DiCaprio joined search efforts when he learned a man had fallen off a cruise ship. The actor reportedly ended up finding and rescuing the man in question, who’d been treading water for 11 hours.

Your move, Kate Winslet.