Credit: The Mega Agency

Move over, girl squads: Bro hangs are the new hottest thing in Hollywood in 2017. While Taylor Swift has cooled off on posting her squad-filled Instagrams, Leonardo DiCaprio has been forming a pack of his own, and on Wednesday they took to the N.Y.C. streets.

The Oscar winner was out with buds Orlando Bloom and Tobey Maguire in Manhattan’s East Village, looking just as hot as the weather in New York. The trio tried to hide their faces behind some studly pairs of shades, but not even Leo’s camo hat could keep us from recognizing his famous mug.

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As if putting these three actors in the same place wasn’t sexy enough, Bloom was joined by his adorable puppy on the stroll. So what exactly was the topic of conversation on this lovely afternoon walk?

Below, we imagine what the three bros could be discussing.

1. Who’s cuter, Orlando Bloom or his dog?

He has some close competition.

2. The possibility of The Great Gatsby 2.

Either Jay Gatsby has to rise from the dead, or another movie needs to cast Tobey and Leo side by side.

3. Why the hell Leo is wearing earbuds around his friends.

“Bro, are we not cool enough for you?”

4. The very real effects of climate change.

Yeah, it probably shouldn’t be 100 degrees in June.

5. Bloom’s bedroom rating from Katy Perry.

“What does John Mayer have that you don’t, dude?”