By Olivia Bahou
Nov 04, 2016 @ 2:00 pm

Hot Leo is back in our lives. Everyone's “boo boo” Leonardo DiCaprio made a surprise visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show for Friday's episode and he looked as sexy as ever to promote his new climate change documentary, Before the Flood.

DeGeneres told the crowd that she asked him “just a few hours before” to pop by for an unplanned appearance and he happily obliged, meaning this is how hot he looks on a daily basis without spending hours prepping for national television. The only thing better than a standard DiCaprio appearance is one where he walks out to Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” and DeGeneres did the audience justice with her song choice.

When the women in the crowd finally stopped screaming their heads off, the 41-year-old delivered an important message on climate change to think about while heading to the polls. “We’re basically trying to convey the science of climate change to the general public. This is happening faster than anyone could have predicted. It’s a very urgent issue,” he relayed.

VIDEO: Leonardo DiCaprio and President Obama Talk Climate Change


“2016 was the hottest year in reported history. July was the hottest month in reported history, and we want people to keep that in mind when we go to the polls. We need leaders that want to take action on this issue, that believe in modern science.”

Is it possible that his brain is as sexy as his face? For further confirmation, check out Before the Flood, which is available to stream for free on National Geographic.