The actor faced non-famouses' greatest fear: A tourist with a map. 


Leonardo DiCaprio: actor, environmentalist ... reluctant tour guide?

Fresh off an Adidas-clad (and boo’d up!) trip to an overpriced L.A. grocery store, the Oscar winner flew to N.Y.C. to do more activities that make up the general non-famous population’s lives.

DiCaprio, incognito in a hoodie and baseball cap, stepped out with founding "Pussy Posse" member Kevin Connolly. From the outside, everything was fine — DiCaprio’s backpack was securely strapped to his chest lest a crazed fan attempt to take it (though a backpack robbery would of course be preferable to any degree of eye contact with a non-famous).

But then it happened.

A map-yielding tourist approached, asking former “Prince of the City” DiCaprio for directions. A recreation of the Spider Man pointing meme ensued.

Leonardo DiCaprio Gives Directions
Credit: The Mega Agency

After a week filled with plebeian deeds, what could possibly be next for the actor? Perhaps a greasy-haired trip to the laundromat? Or maybe he’ll really mix things up and fly coach on this way back to L.A. The possibilities for normalcy are truly endless.