Leonardo DiCaprio
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

As if Leonardo DiCaprio magically sensed that we missed being charmed by his rugged good looks, he’s back in a big way. The actor took to Instagram to share photos from his two-day trip to Indonesia—the first social media posts to feature his handsome face in quite a while—and we've fallen even deeper in love with the philanthropic star.

DiCaprio visited the Leuser Ecosystem to support efforts to protect the rainforest, which is endangered by expanding palm oil plantations and other developments. “The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is supporting local partners to establish a mega-fauna sanctuary in the Leuser Ecosystem, last place on Earth where Sumatran orangutans, tigers, rhinos, and elephants coexist in the world,” he wrote in the caption.

In the first swoon-worthy snap, DiCaprio looks relaxed in a V-neck tee, sunglasses, and backward-facing hat as an elephant tugs at his cargo pants with its trunk. Even wild animals can’t help but want a piece of the star!

In another, the Revenant actor poses with a group of people that are holding two orangutans and a sign that reads "Save Leuser Ecosystem."

It’s no secret that the newly minted Academy Award winner is committed to environmental efforts: From his Oscar speech about global warming’s negative effects to his discussion with Pope Francis about protecting our planet, DiCaprio uses his fame as a platform to do good. Leo, keep the photos—and the philanthropy—coming!