By Rita Kokshanian
Sep 23, 2014 @ 11:34 am
Don Emmert/Getty Images

Following his appearance at the People's Climate Change March in New York City on Sunday, Leonardo DiCaprio took the stage at the UN Climate Summit Tuesday morning to deliver a powerful message about the climate crisis, which he calls a disaster.

DiCaprio began his speech by comparing the way people view climate change to his job as an actor: While he pretends to be someone else as an actor, the world pretends that climate change does not exist. He continued that it was time for the UN to take action. "I am not a scientist, but I don’t need to be. Because the world’s scientific community has spoken, and they have given us our prognosis: If we do not act together, we will surely perish," DiCaprio said.

Although the actor, who was named a UN Messenger of Peace last week, admitted that the task of solving the climate crisis is daunting, it is still a moral obligation. "We only get one planet. Humankind must become accountable on a massive scale for the wanton destruction of our collective home. Protecting our future on this planet depends on the conscious evolution of our species," he said. "This is the most urgent of times, and the most urgent of messages."

DiCaprio, who uses his Twitter account as a place to voice his opinion on climate change and post relevant articles and calls to action, took today's speech as an opportunity to join another social media site: Instagram. The actor posted his first two photos to his Instagram account this morning, one with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon and another of himself speaking in front of the UN body. "This seems like the perfect setting to join Instagram and share this view from the UN General Assembly. What a great honor this is. #Climate2014," he captioned the photo (below).

See the full speech below, plus learn how other celebs are taking up causes of their own here.