Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone Took Their Relationship to the Next Level: Matching Shoes

Domestic bliss by Adidas.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone are domestic AF. And OK, based on what we know about their relationship — Oscars canoodling, Italian hot tub makeout sessions, Cannes yachting — it's a little difficult to imagine DiCaprio, 45, and Morrone, 22, lounging on the couch in a comfortably un-showered state and binge-watching Love Is Blind. And yes, said couch is probably in a lavish home theater, but I bet this imagined picture of domestic bliss isn't too far off track.

Exhibit A: The actors pick up their own groceries. DiCaprio and Morrone were spotted out in L.A., flanked by paper grocery bags. The bags in question held food purchased from one of the most notoriously expensive health food markets in the country, but those Titanic residual dollars have to go somewhere ...

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone Just Reached a New Level in Their Relationship
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Exhibit B: They're in loungewear. Morrone, while perfectly coordinated and toting a quilted Chanel purse worth at least a few times my monthly rent, is decked out in legitimate sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt. DiCaprio looks similarly low effort in a pair of shorts and his signature hoodie/baseball cap/sunglasses trifecta. This level of loungewear confidence is serious relationship 101.

Exhibit C: THEY'RE WEARING MATCHING SHOES. Have you seen anything more adorable in your f—ing life?? Matching Adidas slides for a couple who clearly prioritizes comfort. Think about it: They're rich. They could match in caviar-covered gilded cashmere if they wanted (or, like, at least Gucci loafers) but their coordination of choice comes in the form of basic sandals that cost less than $50. Domestic B-L-I-S-S.

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